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Yemen: A Strong National Presence In ITB Exhibition-Berlin

National Yemen

ITB Exhibition-Berlin

By NY staff

On March 8th, the ITB Exhibition for Travel and Tourism concluded its events with the participation of the Ministry of Tourism, the Tourism Promotion Board, and travel agencies in Yemen, headed by the Executive Director of the Tourism Promotion Board Fatima al-Houribi.

In a statement for the media, al-Houribi said that the participation of Yemen aimed to promote the beautiful islands in Yemen and its historic sites, especially since the ITB Exhibition is of the most important European exhibition with the participation of a hundred countries and four hundred tourist agencies.

Al-Houribi confirmed that Yemen has potential in tourism, which makes it the richest country in the world.

Al-Houribi added that hundred of booklets, brochures, photos and CDs were distributed to visitors at the exhibition as well as some Yemeni products.

The exhibition was visited by the Yemeni Ambassador to in Berlin, Walid Abdul Wahid al-Athary, where he discussed with the Tourism Promotion Board the ways to improve tourism coming from Germany.

The exhibition continued five days is described as a success. It reflected good ideas about Yemen.