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Yemen Defence Minister to Resume Duties From Aden

Yemen’s defence minister was set to resume his duties from second city Aden on Sunday after defecting from Houthi militia who control the capital, a source in the president’s office said. General Mahmud Subaihis escape from Sana’a follows President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, who has called on ministers to join him in Aden city to reestablish the government if they can.

Subaihis convoy made it to Aden without incident, arriving before dawn. On his arrival to Lahaj, he was the chief guest at a lunch hosted by Ahmed Abdullah al-Majeedi, the governor of Lahj province, on Sunday afternoon.

The lunch was attended by dozens of influential Yemeni officials and high-ranking social dignitaries.

Security officials said Subaihi left Sanaa on Saturday and drove all night to reach his house in the village of Ras al-Ara in the coastal area of al-Madhariba outside Aden.

He had been previously placed under house arrest by the Houthis who took over the government in a coup on February 6.