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Yemen president considers ‘Aden country’s capital’

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Yemen’s President AbduRabou Mansor Hadi

The Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, calls all people and politicians to  consider Aden city Yemen’s  new capital.

“Aden became the capital of Yemen as soon as the Houthis occupied Sana’a,” the aide quoted Hadi as saying in reference to their takeover of the capital several months ago.

The remarks about Aden reflect Hadi’s determination to hold out against Houthi efforts to extend their influence, but are purely symbolic because moving the capital requires a change to the constitution.

Aden, the country’s second largest city, was capital of a once independent south Yemen, before unification in 1990, when Sana’a became the unified country’s capital.

Several Gulf states, led by Saudi Arabia, have already moved their embassies to Aden after an exodus of foreign diplomats from Sana’a in February over security concerns.