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KSA Decides Number of Yemeni Pilgrims for 2015

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By NY Staff

The Ministry of Endowments and Guidance has been informed by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj that Yemen’s share of pilgrims for the year 1436 was decided at 19,400 including both males and females.

According to Saba Agency, this was reported in a meeting between the Minister of Endowments and Guidance Dr. Fouad bin Omar Al-Sheikh and the Minister of Hajj ​Dr. Bandar bin Mohammed Hajjar on Tuesday in Jeddah. The meeting was within the annual meetings of the officials of Ministry of Hajj and the Islamic missions to arrange for the next pilgrimage season.

During the meeting, they discussed issues pertaining to Yemeni pilgrims and issues related to the organization of Yemen’s pilgrims’ affairs for both Omrah and Hajj seasons. Issues included housing, transportation and additional services in the Ministry of Hajj plan and its coordination with the Pilgrims Affairs offices to organize the needs of the coming pilgrims for the year 1436.

The discussion also included procedures concerned with making Hajj a success and facilitating the process for the pilgrims.

The number decided for this year doesn’t differ much from previous years. The number of Yemeni pilgrims was previously 19,404. This adopted reduction by 20% – which includes the entire Muslim world- is due to the expansion of Al Haram Al Sharif. The given amount in the past two years was distributed among all Yemeni governorates depending on the number of citizens in each one.