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Ex-Yemen leader asks President Hadi to go into exile

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Yemen’s former President Ali Abdullah Saleh has told President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, to leave the country and go into exile.

Saleh on Tuesday accused his successor of destroying the country, as Hadi re-established his presidency in Aden city after fleeing from a house arrest by Houthi rebels.

Al Jazeera’s Mohamed Vall, reporting from Aden, said Hadi faced a tough uphill battle to convince Yemenis that he is still in charge.

“Saleh is very clearly aiming for a strong comeback to the political scene. Probably he doesn’t want to be president again but he has his son,” Vall said.

Thousands of people have seen chanting in al-Sabain square inside Sanaa asking his son Ahmed Abdullah Saleh to run for president in the next elections in Yemen,” our correspondent added.

Hadi was elected president of Yemen in 2012 following a popular uprising that forced Saleh to step down. Prior to his election, Hadi had served under Saleh as his vice president for more than 16 years.