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Houthis Fail to Meet With Resigned Government Ministers

National Yemen

Resinged Capinet Ministers

By NY Staff

The Houthis have failed to arrange a meeting for the resigned government ministers on Sunday. A government source said that the Houthis sent invitations on Saturday to the ministers of the resigned government . The purpose of the invitation was to hold a meeting on Sunday for discussing the performance of their ministries.

Most ministers didn’t attend the meeting. The Minister of Interior Affairs, General Jalal Al-Rowaishan, was the only one who attended the meeting, according to the source.

The source, who preferred to remain unknown, confirmed that even some ministers who are working with the Houthis didn’t attend the meeting. Among those was the Minister of Finance, Mohammed Mansour Zemam.

The Houthis have requested ministers of the resigned regime to carry on with their duties, considering them to be part of the “Caretaker Government”, but most ministers have rejected the request.

The Houthis are imposing house arrest on the Prime Minister of the resigned regime, Khaled Bahah, as well as other ministers in Sana’a.