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Houthis Ready To Sign Cooperation Agreement With KSA

National Yemen

Fresh pictures for Houthis who were invited to Sa’ada

Asma al-Mohattwari

On Saturday March 15th, the leader of Houthis, Abdulmalik al-Houthi, met a media delegation from various news media visiting Sa’ada.

In his speech, al-Houthi said that media institutions are the most important way to bring truth to the people and they have to investigate the truth.

Regarding foreign affairs, al-Houthi said that as Yemenis is an independent sovereign state, they are ready to sign any cooperation agreements with any country in the Arab and Islamic world including Saudi Arabia and Iran.

“We will not accept interference in the political affairs of the country or any violation of its sovereignty but we welcome any cooperation agreements in economic affairs based on mutual respect, parity, and Joint legitimate interests,” said al-Houthi.

The meeting came after a three-day visit in Sada’a. The media delegation visited different places that reflect the injustice suffered by the people of Sa’ada during the six wars against the government.

Thaif Allah al-Shami, the Deputy Media Authority of Ansar Allah, accompanied the delegation during the three days and explained the most important incidents in Sada’a during the wars.

Media delegation attended a military exercise held in Ketaf near to the Saudi border between the People’s Committees of Ansar Allah and the army forces where they reviewed martial arts with various kinds of weapons, military vehicles and armor.

“The military exercise was a clear message to anyone who wants to tamper with the stability and security of the country through internal and external forces”. Said the deputy media spokesman of Ansar Allah.