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Shabwa And Hadramout Tribes Threaten Houthis

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By NY Staff

Shabwa and Hadramout tribes in Southeast Yemen have warned the Houthis of taking escalatory steps in case they don’t release the resigned Prime Minister Khalid Bahah.

In the meeting that took place in Wadi Nahab in Hadramout, the tribes said that they will stop oil companies and do more if the Houthis don’t release Bahah unconditionally.

The meeting is considered the first of its kind since the Houthis took control of Sana’a and several other provinces, especially after President Hadi and the Defense Minister Gen. Subaihi escaped from Sana’a.

The Houthis imposed house arrest on Bahah last January and threatened him with prosecution if he insisted in the resignation of his government and rejected managing the business.

In a separate interview, Bahah said he doesn’t have any plan to escape from Sana’a and he has resigned after he found interference in the affairs of the state in irregular ways. “The dialogue is the only way to take Yemen out of its crisis because Yemen cannot bear more violence.”

Regarding receiving the supporters of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Bahah said that the supporters are his friends and he doesn’t have any veto on Saleh or his support.

“I was the Oil Minister during Saleh’s rule and I contributed in achieving the gas project, which is considered the largest project in Yemen currently, and other projects. Truly, the situation in Yemen before 2009 was better in all life aspects, either security, tourism, investment or economically,” he added

Bahah demanded that the Gulf support dialogue and help Yemen to go out of all bad economic conditions.

Regarding the attitude that surprised him while he is under house arrest, Bahah said that the Houthis didn’t allow women who visited him on International Women’s Day, unless he left the house in order to be sure that he didn’t hide himself in woman’s clothes.

Bahah receives visitors from different political parties and youth in his home daily to talk with them and have tea or lunch, while Friday is for family and relatives.