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Death Toll Rises in Sana’a Mosques Blasts

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Injured Prayers

The multiple suicide bombings which targeted Houthis mosques on  Friday prayers in Sana’a is one of the worst terrorist attack in the history of Yemen. Charred bodies and pools of blood were seen mixed on Bader and al-Hashoosh mosques ground.

A group claiming to be a Yemeni branch of the Islamic State group says it carried out a string of suicide bombings, that killed a total of 143 people and injured 345 others.

The group posted an online statement saying that five suicide bombers carried out what it described as a “blessed operation” against the “dens of the Houthi.” The claim, posted in an online statement, could not immediately be independently confirmed and offered no proof of an IS role. It was posted on the same website in which the Islamic State affiliate in Libya claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s deadly attack on a museum in Tunisia.

The Imam of the mosque and leading Houthi religious leader, Al-Murtada bin Zayd al-Mohattwari  was killed in the attack along  with Senior Houthi leaders Taha al-Mutawakkil and Khalid Madani were also seriously wounded.

“What we have seen in today’s attack is a plot to widen the schism between the Hadi and Houthi aimed to upraise the existing tens in the country after President Hadi escapes his house arrest of last month,” Qubaty said.

As a results of that, hospitals in Sana’a are asking people to donate blood for victims. Yemeni political advisor Hassan Zaid head of al-Haq party closed to Houthi militants blamed former President Saleh and his supporters for the two attacks and the instability of the country.