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A Phone call Leads To Assassination Attempt

National Yemen

AbdulRahman Barman

By NY Staff

The lawyer and human rights activist, Abdul Rahman Barman explored to an assassination attempt while he was in the Criminal Court in Sana’a. Barman, said that a guard of the Criminal Court tried to stab him many times using Janbiya (traditional dagger) after he brought it from the Court’s Secretariats Office.

Barman said, “the guard told me phones are not allowed. I talked to him politely and quietly that lawyers have permits from court’s President  to keep phones and I use it only to save the numbers. However, he continued to shout saying that Facebook is not here then he tried to stab me.” 

According to Barman, the guard hinted to his posts and political opinion in Facebook website and was following him in the corridors of the court constantly. “Despite of offering a communication, the perpetrators are still practicing their works in court without suspended.” He added.

Barman said that lawyers became exposed to many violations recently, where one of the lawyers was killed in front of the Southeast Secretariat Court last week, and this affects negatively on the justice. “Thousands of prisoners in prisons need to defend them as well there are prisoners who are forgotten several months in prisons. Attack the lawyers hinder them from following up all these issues and worsening the situation in the court as well.”

Lawyer Barman demanded to apply the law to investigate the incident carrying the public prosecutor and the Attorney General full responsibility.