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Who Was Al-Mortadha Al-Mohattwari?


Al-Murtadha bin Zaid Al-Mohattwari Al-Hassani was a prominent Zaydi imam. He was born on May 14th 1955 in Bani Asad village, Hajjer, Al- Mhabesha – Al-Shrafain – Hajja. He was a professor of law at the Law Faculty at Sana’a University, the founder and chairman of the Badr Scientific and Cultural Center and Imam and preacher of the Badr Mosque.

The Badr Scientific and Cultural Center is a large and important scientific institution. Al-Mohattwari offered services and activities through the Center’s divisions and branches such as scientific seminars, investigation and heritage courses, and computer courses. The center has an endowed public library, a commercial library, a children’s Library, and the mosque.

Al-Mohattwari provided students with lessons in jurisprudence and religion all year, mostly during summer vacation. He found the Albulaili Center, a shelter for students of religious lessons in the Great Mosque al-Jamea al-Khabeer. It is a residence with more than three hundred students, providing them housing, food, and drink.

He had many positions, including Deputy Chairman of Badr Charity, member of the Experts Board of Rapprochement Between Islamic Sects, member of the Muslim Scholars Association, founding member and member of the Supreme Body of the Yemen Scholars Association.

He got a Master’s degree in 1987 and received his Ph.D. from the University of Cairo’s Faculty of Law in 1994. He received general scientific permits from leading Yemeni scholars and scholars from different Islamic sects including Mjd Al-Deen Bin Mohammed Bin Mansour Al-Moaidi, Bader Al-Deen Bin Amir Al-Deen Al-Houthi, and Muhammad ibn Mohammad Al-Mansour, as well as permits in the Koran narrated by Hafs from Asim and Qaaloon from Nafi.

In his speeches, he urged people to fight corruption. He exposed several failed assassination attempts after the fall of the Saleh regime. On Friday March 20th, an attempt was finally successful. A suicide bomb targeted him and hundreds of people praying.