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Political Joke Is a Weapon for Yemenis

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Humorous cartoon reflects Saudi coalition on Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

The Saudi Arabia military operation dubbed “Decisive Storm” against the Houthis in Yemen is continuing for a second week. Almost 1,000 civilians have been killed in these operations, among of them children , women and refugees.

Until now, Yemenis have defend themselves by using anti-aircraft weapons. Despite the great danger Yemenis have been exposed to, it hasn’t prevented them from using jokes to express their situation.

One joke expressing their bravery goes:

A Yemeni is asked, “Why do not you use the siren at the start of raids?”

Another Yemeni answers, “To preserve the safety of citizens. When they hear the siren they didn’t go to the basement but to the roof waiting to use anti-aircraft weapons. They like action!

Another goes:

Benefits of hearing the explosions: They strengthen the mind, open the ears, make the five senses work, activate the fear hormone secreted by the pancreas, strengthens the heart and make the person active all the night.

Another joke explains that Yemenis are quickly to adapt to the situation. On the first night of the Saudi air attacks, 80% of people could not sleep. By the second night 30% could not sleep. By the third night 5% could not sleep, and by the fourth night 99% of Yemenis were not able to sleep without the sound of the explosions and anti-aircraft artillery.

Saudi attack came under the pretext of fighting the Houthis, but bombs have destroyed factories and camps rather than the Houthis. A joke goes, the Saudis first hit a chicken farm, then a legumes institution, then a bakery in Attan, and  finally the yogurt factory. Does the pilot have a target list or a grocery list?

Ali Mohsen is a leader known for his corruption and looting of Yemeni lands. Early in the conflict, he escaped to Saudi Arabia. A joke goes, Ali Mohsen went with a Saudi pilot to guide him through the lands the pilot has to bomb, but they return without bombing anything. They asked the pilot why? He said, “Wherever I wanted to bomb, Ali Mohsen said no, that’s mine!”

Yemenis were surprised by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition and began telling jokes about some of the countries that have suddenly come out against Yemen. A joke goes, the Somali President announced his readiness to participate in Decisive Storm. “How?” he was asked. He answered, “I will wash the aircraft.”

Saudi depends on other countries for support and not to its own soldiers. A joke says, King Salman of Saudi Arabia stated, “Houthi threats will not affect us, and we will fight until the last Egyptian soldier!” meaning that the GCC will not scarifies their human soldiers.  

Arab leaders at the Arab Summit agreed to attack Yemen but they didn’t have do the same for Palestine. A joke goes, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was upset at the Arab Summit because Arabs never helped his country, so the President of Yemen Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi told him, “Give us the Israelis and take the Houthis!”

The accent and Arabic language of President Hadi is said to be weak. One joke goes, before the Arab Summit we were worried about the Arab nation, but after hearing Hadi’s words, we are now worried about the Arabic language.

On April 1 massive sandstorms hit Saudi Arabia, so a joke goes, an official source in Saudi Arabia said the Houthis are responsible for the sandstorms because US intelligence discovered the Houthis throwing the sand at the Saudi borders.

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  • The U.S. president's advisors are insane, and the Saudi running dogs are just dumb as a rock.
    In my view, it is essential that the U.S. get the hell out of Yemen. During our on civil war, England at one time contemplated entering the war on the side of the South. Would the South have won with significant help from England? No one can answer that except the old red devil himself. The U.S. must get out of Yemen.