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Al-Qarsr Hotel Issues Urgent clarification Statement

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al-Qasir Hotel

False news is being spread on social media that Houthi militias are present in Al Qasr Hotel. It’s being said that through this hotel, Houthis are able to shoot mortars on the resistance in Aden.

The hotel, which is represented by the owner company Asas with its board chairman Faraj Bin Ghanem and the operating company SWISS with its General Manager Awadh Saleh, have already denied the presence of Houthis in their quarters. They informed the press that the hotel will not be a haven for any Houthi or sabotage components that target the people of Aden.

The hotel is a tourist facility and will never become a military one, they reported. Moreover, the heads of the hotel along with its workers are living inside the hotel. The hotel is further secured by Peoples’ Committees headed by Shiekh Mazen.

“The hotel has nothing to do with the struggle that Aden is currently undergoing and will not welcome any sort of sabotage. We would like to point out that the hotel is considered one of the most dominant tourist facilities in Aden and doesn’t have any weapons or allegiance to any party.”

“Those malicious rumors that some are spreading could result in targeting the hotel and could help provide vandals with the excuse to vandalize such an important facility.”

“We are requesting people to be reasonable in protecting private property that helps in benefitting the people of Aden in the first place.”