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Aden Is the Responsibility of the Saudi Defense Minister

National Yemen

Saudi Defense Minister

By Anwer Mohammed Salem

When the Saudi Defense Minister said that Aden was a red line, we imagined that he understood the historical, cultural and strategic importance of Aden. We imagined that he understood the importance of Aden for international navigation and regional and international security. We thought that he realized the ambitions of Adenis.

After his sentence, we expected that Saudi Defense Minister had prepared a plan in the framework of Decisive Storm to protect and secure Aden and the rest of the southern regions.

We imagined that the Saudi Defense Minister had prepared an integrated and urgent work program to provide Aden security to be a safe space for the legitimate presidency to practice its work with the desired model of a federal civil state.

What we have seen on the ground of Aden province is just the opposite. They took the legitimate president out of Aden and left it without political, military and security leadership and even local officials disappeared. Security was lost, services disrupted, and chaos reigned.

They left Aden open for the hordes of Ali Saleh, but the Southern Youth and tribes are steadfast in their defense of Aden and areas of the South without political and military leadership, without security, media support, or arms support. Southern Youth fight with a lack of supplies, treatment and medicine that threatens a humanitarian disaster.

Air strikes have a major role in dispersing Saleh forces in Aden, but that is not enough to resolve the battles.

We still hope for political, military, security and media leadership to support the youth fighters and the tribes of Aden with arms and military, security, technical, managerial, training and rehabilitation expertise. Aden does not need more men.

We still hope that the Saudi Defense Minister’s speech about Aden is a real red line. We still hope to initiate urgent and hard work in coordination with the legitimate president and the PRC to secure Aden to be a model of a free region.

Aden has been betrayed. Do not leave it. If it falls down, the land of Hijaz will fall down too.


  • How can we resolve ISIS and BOKO HARMA and AL-QAEDA menace? by supporting Saudi and Arab oil kings gang? providing them latest equipment which will end in the militants hand next day?? (ii) by opposing Iran who is also supplying arms and training to Sheat goons; but they are fighting against militants and has proved their worth in Iraq and Syria and Yemen too. We have to keep in mind that the so called Sunni militants are following extreme Islam ideology of Saudi and other gulf nations, and this ideology is the root cause of destruction of civilization, killings, and atrocities towards women; being carried out by ISIS, BOKO HARAM AND AL QAEDA. Bottom line; US, Saudi-Israel and other Gulf nations approach to provide arms, ammunition and political support to rebels is in reality giving needed arms and ammunition to these militants, and they become more powerful day by day. We must stop such arms supply, and gather other secular Sunni, Iranian to fight against militants. Muslim majority is against such killings, and are suffering many times more than others, and we must provide needed help to them , instead wedging religious war against the Muslim majority.