GCC and Saudi Lies in Yemen

Yemen has been known as a strategic location for the GCC countries and was regarded as the backyard for Saudi Arabia. This theory is still widely circulated among politicians, think tanks, and in regional and international symposiums.

The case of Yemen today does not reflect the full spectrum of Saudi support to pull Yemen out of its social-economic problems. Over the past five decades, Saudis have been interfering in Yemen’s political ground, whether its national security is undermined or not.

The new Saudi-led coalition to fight the spread of Iran in Yemen is part of the Saudi political game since it decided to turn its back on the modern youth revolution of the so-called Arab Spring in 2011. The government of Saudi was less enthusiastic then to draw a serious plan to help the people and was more interested in helping political parties and individual politicians.

As a result of that, the GCC countries have decided to correct their damaging policies and have decided to demolish the country from Sa’adah to Aden to Hadhramout using their power and money to buy loyalties to win the war.

Why is this? First is to put an end to the interference of Iran and second is to prepare Yemen to join the GCC.

Do these sound like reasonable excuses to throw hundreds of rockets on the heads of the Yemeni people day and night? Is it reasonable to declare Yemen air space, sea and land “restricted areas” and to stop aid, fuel, and foodstuffs?

We also must consider the work of Saudi intelligence in Yemen. Saudi Arabia has recruited the largest civil, military and media intelligence network in Yemen to keep track of any suspected movement against the national security of the Kingdom. Iran was doing this in Yemen, so they decided to put an end to it.

To add Yemen to the GCC and keep them away from Iran, the GCC needed to help the living standard of the large number of Yemeni migrants who are struggling to have health insurance, education for their kids, and life insurance. How can the GCC consider the membership of a country if it does not help its people in its own countries?

All these reasons are a big lie and have nothing to do with Yemen’s future or Yemen joining GCC. It is all about destroying Yemen’s military infrastructure and bringing more enmity between south and north Yemen. The Saudi help offered to the South came too late and was focused on military logistic support to extend the war in Yemen. Let us pray for Yemen to avoid the Syrian example. The clashes that are happening in Aden and Lahj are very similar. May Allah protect Yemen as people are dying of hunger and drinking water shortages in the southern part of Yemen.