Human Is Morality

National Yemen

Acram Mothana Haider

By Acram Mothana Haider, IBB

Human is granting,

Two halves of bread,

To the wretched,

And needy ones.


Human is watchful eyes,

Around the o’clock,

For comfort and rest,

Of the patients still in beds.


Human is keeping the block,

As integrated and consistent,

No leaks, crack or holes,

Able to axe and collapse.


Human is one’s sacrifice,

To leave one’s owns,

Prominent posts,

For survival of the whole souls.


Human is following,

Shrouds whatever they are,

Black or white,

At dawn, at noon or at dark night.


Human is to reconcile,

Couple torn hearts;

Blossoming, recovering, singing,

To live peaceful life.


Human is to live and love,

Give, awaiting for none,

As good deeds,

Of good ones must be lived.


Human is morality,

One’s morality is one’s mirror,

How one’s lips smoothly speak,

To one’s wife and sons,


Human won’t breathe,

Humanity sense till,

Passionate hands patting on orphans,

Being as compassionate as their deceased,


Human is a visit,

To those whose doorsteps,

Still grass-green;

None knock their gates.


Human is to kneel down,

Under parents words,

Beneath their shelter,

Being torch on their ways.


Human is some soup,

To neighbors nearby,

Crumbs to be halved and bestowed,

As charity begins at hom.e


Human is morality,

When muzzle is silenced.

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  • That is your pure essence that we miss and your longe for ideality and utopia world.But the reality is so different and shocking
    The poem is great but our situation quo is so dark and we couldn't find a beam of light