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Pakistan evacuates 11 Indians along with 148 Pakistanis from Yemen

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Pakistani Citizens Prepare for Evacuation

Pakistan on Saturday said it has evacuated 11 Indians along with 148 Pakistani citizens from strife-torn Yemen’s southeastern city of Mukalla, which is now almost entirely under control of al-Qaeda militants.

The PNS Aslat has set off for Pakistan after successfully evacuating 148 citizens and 35 foreigners, including 11 Indians, from Mukalla, the Foreign Office said. The PNS Aslat, despatched earlier, arrived in Mukallah yesterday. The roads leading to the port had been closed.

The Pakistani citizens shared some pictures with National Yemen early of Saturday morning. “They escaped the civil war in Aden to Mukalla but they found it worst” Shah Zain.

al-Qeada controls the city of al-Mukalla,  after taking over the prison and freeing a number of members of AQAP, the terrorists overran government buildings and the city’s port.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif termed the situation in Yemen as “grave,” and cautioned that the crisis might endanger the unity of the Muslim Ummah, in addition to having serious implications for the whole region.

Sharif said both sides were of the view that “the current crisis in Yemen could plunge the region into turmoil”, and said that all possible collective measures should be taken to address the crisis.

The Pakistani prime minister said both Turkey and Pakistan maintain close brotherly relations with other Islamic countries in the region and attach great importance to their security and territorial integrity. He said that Pakistan will engage with Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries in the region.

“35 other foreign nationals also requiring emergency evacuation are also on board. These include 8 Chinese, 11 Indians and 4 British citizens. The ship will arrive at Karachi on April 7,” the FO said in a statement. Mokallah, the capital of Yemen’s south-eastern Hadramawt province, was now almost entirely under control of militants of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), after they stormed a jail and freed 300 inmates a day earlier.