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Sana’a Faces Oil Derivatives Crisis

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looking for fuel in a dry petrol station

The oil derivatives crisis has begun in Yemen after ten days of the Saudi coalition air strikes. Sana’a and a number of Yemeni cities have started to suffer from the lack of oil derivatives.

Hundreds of cars were seen in long lines in front of petrol stations in the capital Sana’a, despite the owners of those stations having closed it because has zero any kind of oil derivatives.

Official sources said that the Yemeni oil company is authorized to provide the needs of the domestic market of petroleum products, especially gasoline, but cannot get the appropriate amounts to cover the needs of all the country’s provinces.

The Yemeni oil company relies mainly on Aden refinery producing in Aden province, located south of the country, but the clashes taking place in the province between the Houthis and the forces loyal to President Hadi obstructed the transfer to the provinces.

In the oil crises of 2013, Saudi Arabia supported Yemen with oil but now Yemen is facing a war led by Saudi Arabia and its allies that is forcing Yemen into a long-term crisis.