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Thousands Of Yemenis Still Stuck Overseas

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Cairo Airport

By NY Staff  

Where some planes have come to take evacuate foreign nationals from Yemen, more than 5,000 Yemenis are still stuck in world airports as a result of the air and sea ban on the country along with the beginning of operation Decisive Storm on March 25th.

According to official sources at the Yemeni Civil Aviation Authority, three groups of more than 100 Egyptians were taken from Yemen on flights of Egypt Air from Jeddah after crossing the Saudi-Yemeni border, as well as 158 Russians on a Russian plane, and about 110 Indonesians.

The source confirmed that there will be other plans to evacuate more foreign nationals from  Yemen such as Iraqi, Jordanian, and others in the coming few days.

The Expatriate Affairs official in Egypt, Ibrahim Eljahmy, stated that the situation of stuck Yemenis is worsening day after day and their living condition has become very difficult.

Eljahmy demanded that employees and officials of airports and ports stop any cooperation to evacuate foreign nationals from Yemen until r the return of the Yemenis stuck abroad.

With regard to the official efforts, Dr. Mazen Al-Hebshi, a Yemeni in Egypt, said that the Yemeni Embassy did not provide any help to Yemeni citizens. Even the door of the Embassy is closed in front of them. “There is some aid coming from Yemenis living in Egypt and some Egyptians through providing them with food and residences.”