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Bahah Named As Yemen’s Vice President, Yemen’s PM


National Yemen

Bahah meets with Hadi

By NY Staff

A closed source to National Yemen newspaper has said that President / Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, residing in Riyadh, issued a new presidential decree on Sunday name Khalid Mahfouad Bahah as his Vice President, a move apparently aimed at improving the chances of a peaceful settlement to the civil war that forced Hadi to flee to Saudi Arabia.

“The president issued an order today appointing Khaled Bahah as his deputy,” a close source to Bahah told National Yemen.

The Yemeni Press Secretary for the Presidency Office Mukhtar al-Rahbi revealed that there are arrangements going on for decisions to appoint a new Vice President. Al-Rahbi continued to say that along with the appointment of the new Vice President there will be another decree for military and army changes.

“The appointment of Bahah may help in finding a political solution as part of efforts to revive the dialogue process sponsored by the United Nations,” the Hadi aide told Reuters.

Bahah is a Yemeni diplomat and politician who most recently served as Prime Minister of Yemen. Bahah was placed under house arrest by the Houthis and freed on March 16th in line with humanitarian and constitutional rights to end along with all members of the resigned cabinet, guaranteeing them full freedom of movement inside and outside the homeland. On April 4th, he arrived in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Bahah enjoys a very good reputation and is well accepted by Yemeni people in the north and south. Bahah is the only high government official who left Sana’a by his own choice after the Houthies took over the capital Sana’a. One of Bahah’s most common request to the Houthies was to grant him full freedom.

After leaving Sana’a, Bahah may return to carry out his new post from Sana’a or Aden and he will try to save Yemen from falling apart. Yemen is in high need of a person who can run the government and the country.