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Is Somehow Saudi Arabia Telling the Truth?

The new statement of Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal is absolutely to the point. He said his country is not at war with Iran, but he hopes that Iran will give up its support of the Houthis in Yemen. This is a political message for Iran to figure out, what does it mean for Yemen? Moreover, why doesn’t the Saudi Prince make a direct speech saying that he is at war with Yemen to defeat Iran? All is possible since Yemeni land has been turned to be training ground for Saudi-led coalition missiles and pilots, who appear to be enjoying the use of the first warplanes since the establishment of the Saudi Air Force Academy.

While I was writing this week’s editorial, I couldn’t organize with my thoughts as a result of the aggressive bombardment by the Saudi-led coalition air strikes that shake every inch of the capital of Yemen. Without doubt, the Saudi-led coalition is using their outmost power to demolish military targets as well as civilian ones and private organizations. It is really sad to see Prince Al-Faisal addressing Iran while killing civilians in Yemen.

Rather than helping Yemen improve it’s collapsed economy, Saudi Arabia has doubled people’s suffering by announcing Yemen’s airspace, sea and land as prohibited areas. The Saudi-led coalition’s initial bill for 18 days of war on Yemen has exceeded more $600 million and it’s likely to triple.

The Saudis are doing the dirty work of massacring Yemenis with the full authority given to them by Yemen’s legitimate president, who is likely under Saudi house arrest. I assume the war on Yemen will continue until the President in Saudi Arabia and the Houthi leader and former President start seeking opportunities for negotiation to dialogue in exchange for a ceasefire.

The people in Yemen believe that war is not the solution and it won’t bring the Saudi-led coalition the victory they wish. Relying on Hadi is not a good choice and giving a face to Saleh and Abdulmalik al-Houthi is not what the people are waiting for. Saudi has decided to destroy a country in response to one person’s call.

It will be necessary, at one moment or another, to hold talks for a political solution and the talks should not be like the National Dialogue propaganda. Quick reforms, serious implementation, and faithful compensations for those who lost their property and business are the only ways Saudi might be held in respect again.