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Kenya Seeks Help To Evacuate Nationals From Yemen

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in the process of evacuating Kenyans from conflict torn Yemen. The Ministry of foreign Affairs shared a press statement says the government has already engaged the governments of India and China, who have vessels in the area, to help transport the Kenyans to Djibouti.

“The Chinese and Indian naval vessels are currently in the region evacuating not only their nationals but also those of friendly countries that have requested them to do so. A number of Kenyans have managed to utilize this arrangement,” the statement reads.

They have therefore advised those close to the Saudi Arabia border to make their way to Jeddah and those close to the Oman border to make their way to Muscat so that they can access the vessels.

“Many Governments have evacuated their nationals and Saudi Arabian government has offered to assist nationals of friendly countries safe passage through the Kingdom,” the Ministry says.

It says it also plans to airlift some 150 Kenyans stranded in Sanaa, “which is in the hinterland and therefore cannot be accessed via sea,” out of the country.

So far, the Ministry states, its embassies in Saudi Arabia and Oman have facilitated the safe return of 60 Kenyans.

“Our embassies in Saudi Arabia, Oman as well as the ministry headquarters have receive distressed calls from Kenyans requesting the government to evacuate them,” they explained on Friday.

The ministry’s outline of its plan to ensure the safe return of Kenyans stranded in Yemen came as the United Nations called Friday for an immediate “humanitarian pause” of at least a few hours each day in Yemen to allow desperately needed aid to enter the conflict-ravaged country.