Those Talking About Mediation In Yemen Are Not ‘Right’: Saudi Minister

National Yemen

Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Aziz

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Arabia’s Minister on Religious Affairs Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Aziz has said that those who are talking about mediation in Yemen conflict are not ‘right’ and should review their statements.

Speaking in an exclusive interview that will be aired on Wednesday evening on Geo News, he expressed his desire that Pakistani government would join hands with the coalition of Islamic countries and send its troops to fight against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The Saudi minister claimed that Houthi rebels were inflicting atrocities by carrying weapons, adding that his country decided about attacking them resultantly.

Lashing out Iran, he said the country was doing same in Yemen what it did in Syria and Iraq in the past. He vowed to stop this ‘intrusion’ by Iran at all costs.

“Iran spread an atmosphere of lawlessness and instability in these countries and for that it will have to be accounted for,” he said.

Sheikh Saleh further said that Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries have serious reservations over recently inked nuclear pact between Iran and the West.