Strength Through Peaceful Dialogue

National Yemen

Bilal Ahmed Homran

By Bilal Homran

Greed and evil aims for power have vacuumed an era of confused alliances within Yemeni political circles; Saleh, the GPC, and the Houthis are on one side and handpicked President Abdo Mansoor Hadi aligned himself with the Muslim Brotherhood of Yemen and Al-Qaeda (a KSA creation). Each alliance has an aim for power and is willing to rid of their ally as soon as their goals have been met.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its alliance has entered a battle that will only create the first steps of their moral destruction. This battle will continue for many years to come unless the GCC alliance steps back and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The only true solution is dialogue and to bring all current and former members of the political elite to justice. Foreign intervention will never solve the needs of the people’s demands. Violence only begets hate and will never be a solution for the problems of our time.

Personally I am against war. The almighty loves peace and is against aggression. There is no perfect society, no nation without political gridlock. Civilizations learn to overcome their obstacles and so must we. Yemen must move forward. We need a conventional transitional congress that will move the country forward. Every citizen, tribe, sect, and political member of society will join in the decision-making. The National Dialogue was a great first step but unfortunately it was led by remnants of many representatives from the previous regime. The future is awaiting and above all else the Almighty is watching.

Yemen has abundance of natural and human resources. There is enough land and wealth to be shared by all of Yemen’s people, from the fruits of Sada’a to the golden green valleys of Ibb and the silver oasis of Hadhramaut to the environmental greatness of Socotra Island. The people of Yemen have wealth at their doorstep. They must rise up for a true democratic society that will be the envy of the Gulf autocratic societies.

We are all responsible for one another. Our unity has become threatened by the self-appointed ambassadors of the Almighty. I will never understand who benefits when innocent souls are forced to depart our world. Why is this happening to our beloved Yemen, many might ask. How can a Muslim justify the killing of innocent souls? Has this become the new Islam?

Yemen is experiencing an identity crisis and it’s up to its citizens to forge a better path going forward. I understand unifying a nation as diverse in tribal and political sects might be difficult.  Yet one thing is certain, one blood unities us all. Young and old, we are one people, we are Yemeni.

Before the GCC Alliance launched its offensive on Yemen, terrorists attacked a few places of worship in Sana’a, Yemen. I have stated time and time again that self-appointed ambassadors of God and Islam have drifted our faith down towards an abys of no return. Today the self-appointed leaders of the region have only added to the confusion of an already lost society. I can’t understand why they believe that the people are unable to comprehend what is going on.

When will the wounds begin to be silent? Sadness has drifted into the homes of every Yemeni.  We are crying for this madness that has become a reality. My pen is unable to translate into words of pain and sorrow I and the people of Yemen and the region feel. The heinous acts of evil know no borders. Evildoers have no mercy and have been overpowered by greed, power, and secrecy.  Our governments need to stand for the people; not their selfish desires.

Throughout the Middle East, not just Yemen, uprisings for a real Islamic Renaissance seem not far-fetched. We must have an open dialogue on what Islam is and why it’s against the killing of innocents. I blame those in government positions that have forgotten that we the people have entrusted them with our prosperity and safety. Our governing and military institutions do not and should not stand for an elite that are drifting our respective societies in the region into an abyss of no return. To them I say the people of region are bleeding. The Almighty is watching and your days are numbered and on that day of judgement you will answer to the Almighty on why greed overpowered your duties to your respectful peoples.

There are two very different paths the region can take; one is a path represented right now in the Middle East which means at the end of a few months, hundreds of thousands of lives will be lost to the hands of an illegal and inhumane foreign intervention in Yemen. The other path is dialogue, where all conflicting parties meet and discuss a peaceful end to the instability that has been forced upon Yemen.  I pray that peace will become the option for a common resolve to the needs of our time.


  • I fully agree with the views and opinion given in the article by Bilal Homran. Although I am not a Yemeni, nor an Arab; I feel pity to see the innocent civilians paying the price with their lives, simply because, dictators and so called "Men of God" ( mostly self appointed) have no shame or sympathy to the utter destruction they are causing in this country. I sincerely hope and pray this carnage will soon end….without dragging Yemen to a Failed State….- Ranjith

  • These crazy political figures in Yemen are killing their people. I agree they should all be brought to justice.

  • Whats happening in Yemem is crazy. Why are the people killing innocent. Bilal good article