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Abdelmalik al-Houthi Accuses Saudi Arabia Of Seeking To Invade Yemen

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Houthi Leader

By NY Staff

The leader of Yemen’s Houthi rebel group has vowed that he will “never give in” to a Saudi-led air war, and said that Yemenis have the right to resist “aggression” by any means.

Saudi Arabia’s goal is “the invasion of this country, its occupation and placing this country again under its feet and hegemony”, Abdel-Malek al-Houthi said. “It’s the right of our people to resist the aggression and face the aggressor by any means,” he added.

The air campaign has mostly failed to reverse recent gains by Houthi guerrillas fighting alongside Yemeni army allies. The speech by rebel leader Abdul-Malek al-Houthi, is first since the Saudi campaign began, offered signs of cracks appearing in his alliance with Yemen’s one-time President Ali Abdullah Saleh. However, his speech signaled no sign of his rebels backing down from their offensive after earlier seizing the capital, Sanaa, and forcing President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi into exile

“The great Yemeni people will never surrender and never be subjugated,” al-Houthi said.

He continued to say, that at least 106 air strikes have been launched against the Houthis in the cities of Sanaa and Sadaa, targeting storage facilities for “ballistic missiles.”