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Air Strike Kills Tens in Yemen Capital, Wounds Hundreds

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The most powerful explosion in Sana’a Yemen

By NY Staff

Saudi-led coalition air strike hits Attan mountain on the heart of Yemen capital Sana’a in Hadda district, known to be a Scud missile base. The blast which occurred in the mid-day of Monday April 20th, 2015, was the most powerful explosion, since the Saudi-led warplanes  start bombarding Yemen by March 26th.

Fifty people were killed and more than 400 hundred wounded, and hundreds of shops,  houses and cars were destructed  as a result of the long continual bombardments inside the weapons cave store. The majority of the victims were women, children, labors and people walking on the side way.

The number could not be immediately verified, but medical sources told Saba news agency at least 50 people had been killed and hundreds  wounded. The explosion  shakes the whole capital from North to South.

Families on the neighborhood were killed on flattened buildings and some kids were left alone. “Abdulmoamen Shaja Adeen, his wife and Son were killed in their house, while his 13 years old daughter Layal, escaped the death as she was buying some candy from the neighboring shop” said a workmate.

Now, who will bring Layal her parents and brother back? She suffers of strong psychological trauma. This is really a disaster by all means,” said Shaja Adeen’s workmate who preferred not to be mention.

Witnesses compared the blast, which sent a plume of smoke hundreds of meters into the sky, to an earthquake. Fires had broken out at the base and a nearby petrol station,  more witnesses said, and the scorching heat could be felt from a distance.

“My children are terrified and one of my relatives fainted because of the force of the blast.” Said Adel al-Mansour a local residence . This is the largest explosion in more than three weeks of Saudi bombing in Yemen.