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Ban Ki-moon Recommends New Special Envoy To Yemen

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Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed

By NY Staff

To halt the war in Yemen and accelerate the peace process,  the UN chief  has nominated a new special envoy to Yemen. The new envoy will have a hard task and responsibilities for guiding peace talks around the conflict-ridden country which has been threatening the whole region of the gulf countries as the most supplier of oil for the entire world.

A UN diplomat confirmed UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon nominated Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed,  who is currently serving as UN Ebola chief, in a letter to the UN Security Council. The council has two days to consider the candidate.

The nomination of Ould Cheikh follows the resignation of the former envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar, who was accused by the GCC of  being so kind to the Houthi rebels, the enemy of Saudi Arabia. Houthies controlled the capital of Yemen, Sana’a on September 21st, 2014.

Saudi Arabia and other nations  including the legitimate President of Yemen who is ruling the country form Saudia Arabia have agreed that Benomar, was too soft on the Houthis, allowing them to many misapplied agreements and talks as a political maneuver to gain territory in Yemen.