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Yemen’s FM Accuses Iran Of Attempting To Break Blockade

National Yemen

Khalid Bahah

By NY Staff

Yemen’s Vice President Khaled Bahah was received on Thursday by Bahrain Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa who reassured him on Manama`s “commitment to supporting its regional allies in their efforts to restore peace and security in Yemen,” the official Bahrain News Agency reporter.

over the visit, the Foreign Minister of Yemen  Riyadh Yassin on Thursday accused Iran of trying to break a naval blockade on Yemen aimed at cutting off supplies to Houthi rebels.

In a joint news conference with his Bahraini counterpart Khalid Al-Khalifa, Yassin said: “Iran is carrying out desperate attempts to violate the naval blockade on Yemen”.

Yassin described the Yemen as an “attack on all Yemenis based on an Iranian plot implemented by the Houthi militia”.

Yassin is visiting Bahrain as part of a delegation led by Vice President Khaled Bahah, also prime minister of the government-in-exile operating from  Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain is part of the Saudi-led coalition that has been carrying out air strikes against the rebels as well as imposed the naval blockade. Bahrain itself accuses Tehran of backing the Sunni dynasty`s Shiite opponents.