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Yemen’s Former President Calls For A Dialogue With Saudi Arabia


National Yemen

Yemen’s former President Ali Abdullah Saleh

Yemen’s former president Ali Abdullah Saleh called on Friday on all Yemenis to return to a political dialogue to end to the country’s ongoing conflict.

Talks between Yemenis and Saudi Arabia, which has led a nearly month-long bombing campaign against the  Houthi rebels , must take place under the moderation of the United Nations in Geneva, he said.

“I call on all conflicting parties in all provinces to stop fighting and return to dialogue in all provinces,” Saleh said in an emailed statement.

“We need the Houthi, and we need those who can influence them, to make sure that they’re prepared to try to move as they said they are to the negotiating table,” he added.

Saleh said he is ready to reconcile with all parties that have opposed him since 2011. “I will reconcile with all (parties) for the interest of the nation.”

He further called on all militants, al-Qaeda and armed supporters of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to withdraw from Aden and hand over power to the army and local authorities.

Forces loyal to Saleh are  fighting alongside the Houthis against Hadi supporters.