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Romanian Premier To Discuss Yemen Crisis In KSA

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Romanian Prime Minister Victor-Viorel Ponta will arrive this Wednesday to Saudi Arabia looking talks with top officials in which he will outline the framework of a comprehensive political and economic cooperation.
“Ponta will also discuss with Saudi officials the whole range of bilateral and regional issues including Yemen,” said Minhai Coman, charge d’affaires at the Romanian Embassy.

Asked about the major topics to be discussed with Saudi officials, Coman said that the official talks will focus on the growing political and commercial relations between the two countries.
“Yemen crisis, among other regional issues, will be one of the main issues to be discussed by the two sides,” he said. In this context, he also thanked Saudi officials for helping the evacuation of a number of Romanian citizens from Yemen.
“In fact, two Romanian citizens will be evacuated from Yemen with the help of Saudi authorities on Monday,” said the diplomat.
“About 60 Romanian nationals have been evacuated from the war-torn country with the help of Saudi officials so far, and about 10 rescued nationals traveled to Romania via Saudi Arabia,” explained Coman.