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Saudi-led Coalition Fails To Halt Iranian Plane Heading To Yemen

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By NY Staff

Iran and Saudi Arabia have chosen Yemen the best battleground to end long years of cold war between the two countries.  Tuesday early afternoon, Saudi-led coalition bombed Sana’a International Airport  aiming to cease an Iranian plane which was about to land in Sana’a.

To end the last minutes landing, the Saudi-led coalition destroyed the two side runway of Sana’a and Hodeidah airports. The runway destruction  forced two Iranian planes to turn back. The two airplanes took off from the neighboring Oman after they have been dismissed after three efforts.

“The planes were carrying medical aid and entered Yemeni airspace this morning,”  Al-Masiarah TV channel loyal to Houthi has broadcasted the full story.

“Iran had already announced its intention to do this, Saudi Arabia saw it as an act of aggression.”

Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri said the plane had not coordinated with coalition authorities and the pilot had ignored a warning to turn back. The bombing of the runway made it unusable for planned aid flights, he said.

Iran’s state news agency IRNA said Saudi jets tried to force what it said was an aid plane back after it entered Yemeni airspace, but the pilots had ignored these “illegal warnings”.

IRNA said the plane had been given permission to fly the route by Oman, whose airspace it passed through, and the Houthi militia which controls Sana’a airport.

A Saudi-led coalition has carried out air strikes for seven days straight since announcing a halt to its aerial campaign, hitting Sana’a airport among other targets.

Riyadh said last week that it was ending its nearly five-week-old bombing campaign, except in places where the Houthis were advancing, to allow access for food and medicine.

Asseri said the coalition would help to repair the runway if the Houthis lifted their control of the airport.