Al-Bohra Sect Organizes Cleanup Campaign In Sana’a

National Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

The streets of the capital Sana’a are filled with huge quantities of garbage accumulated over several days because of the diesel shortages and the failure of Sana’a municipality to put an end to this matter. When it comes to their homeland, Yemenis are always ready to help when needed. Al-Bohra sect from Haraz village has begun cleaning the streets of Sana’a, paying all automotive costs and workers wages for a year after the failure and inability of the government to provide basic services.

Saeed al-Harazi, a member of Al-Bohra sect, said that their humanitarian initiative carries a message of peace and cleanliness for all politicians of Yemen. “The campaign will continue for a full year and this campaign will rescue neighborhoods in Sana’a of diseases and epidemics that may develop as a result of the accumulation of garbage.”

People of Al-Bohra sect in Yemen are peaceful and practice the doctrine’s rituals away from others and do not impose their views and beliefs on anyone. Al-Bohra became a model for Yemeni youths who have started to clean the garbage in their own neighborhoods.

Emad al-Manssor said that they started becoming annoyed from the smell of garbage and the cats that scatter garbage on the street. “So we started to collect all the garbage and burn it far away.”

All Yemenis praised Al-Bohra’s initiative. The Bohra sect has been attacked by Yemeni tribes because they did not accept its vision, traditions, and beliefs. However, this sect won the freedom to live in the village and to practice their rituals freely on the condition that they do not enter into political affairs.

The Sultan of Bohra, Mofadhel Saifuddin, directed a call for all Yemeni medical cadres outside Yemen to provide a helping hand to Yemenis, also he called on those who could have the ability to return to Yemen to do so.