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War Brings Many Yemeni Newspapers Into Full Collapse

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Fuel crisis along with the long cut of electricity within the whole entire country has pushed many daily and weekly Arabic and English newspapers to halt its regular print scheduled. The financial situation of local press is very poor and the Saudi-led Arab Coalition aggression on Yemen have made it even worse.

Over the passed few weeks of the Suadi-led war on Yemen, good number of these newspaper ceased their print and some were forced to stop as a result of the lack of fuel for print purpose and distribution which coincided with full blackout.

Al-Shara’a Daily newspaper stated  that it ceased its print  because of the continued power cuts and lack of fuel, noting that it has incurred heavy daily losses since the beginning of the war and the siege imposed on Yemen.

According to the newspaper, it can no longer continue with its daily mission for many reasons. Sales losses and its inability to access many provinces comes at the top reasons of its temporary halt.

Al-Ola’a daily newspaper noted that, the Saudi siege, fuel crisis, and the targeting of media organizations, have been enough points to put the management down.

A number of weekly newspapers have also ceased their print, dismiss staff, cut salaries such as the Yemen Times the first English Newspaper in Yemen.