Yemeni Youth Aid’s Initiatives Reliefs Displaced Suffer

National Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

It is difficult when he/she begin thinking that death becomes better than life or when a family loses its home and becomes displaced. Some may wish they died under the rubble of their house. Many have fled their homes, carrying their children under rockets and the sound of missiles. Their dreams to live in stability under one roof have evaporated with the airstrikes that have affected hundreds of homes since the beginning of the Saudi-led Arab coalition aggression.

On April 20, airstrikes triggered massive blasts affecting all residents in one area. Some were trapped under the rubble; others left their homes to their villages. Some have no place to escape. One family of five women, four children and two men had no place to go and the safest place they found was the sewer system.

Their night was the same as their day, they don’t see the light. “There was no food, water or clothing,” said the father.

More than 46 people are living in the sewers because they don’t have a shelter. Salem’s family is one of hundreds of families who are dying of hunger because of the shortage of food, water, and electricity.

In a time where humanitarian aid can’t enter to Yemen, a group of youth has started their own initiatives to help affected areas and provide them with food and medicine. The Wojoh foundation for Media and Development has collected about 140.000 Riyals and sent it to Abyan Governorate in south Yemen for displaced families who are in need to food like white flour, rice, sugar, oil, pasta, beans and tomatoes.

Aleena Abdullah along with some other youth provided 20 bags of food for displaced people in Sana’a. Aleena’s initiative is also collecting money to buy medicine for needy people in hospitals.

Fras Shamsan started an intuitive to provide housing for people with damaged houses. They have moved 300 people to new housing so far.

According to Hemmat Shabab, their initiative was for water-filled tanks in Taiz; eight tanks are filled daily according to the security situation in the area.

After a cancer and kidney center was closed, the Be Positive Initiative provided food baskets as a simple contribution to more than 30 patients from various provinces, and youth in Seiyoun sent a convoy of food and medication to Aden.

Freedom House Yemen said that about 90,000 families have been forced to leave their homes and neighborhoods to villages around Yemen. There are 4.898 destroyed and damaged houses including 129 houses destroyed on the inhabitants. About 857 civilian facilities have been destroyed including 51 hospitals and health facilities, 23 mosques, and 155 educational facilities, including three schools bombed while students were studying.

The report revealed that the total number of martyrs has reached nearly 3.512, including 492 boys and girls under the age of fifteen, and nearly 209 women, while the number of wounded and injured is about 6.189, some of them in critical condition, including 978 boys and girls under the age of fifteen and nearly 713 women.

The Saudi-led Arab Coalition attacks have continued despite the people’s suffering, but the youth initiatives will keep on.