Letter to the Editor

National Yemen

By Rabab Ayash

May God bless your day with all that your heart desires.

Concerning your last message, I have been trying to write since we met but all my attempts were in vain. I feel like repeating this poetic line:

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

News, news everywhere. Events, events everywhere but not a single article to write. The path is paved but walkers are not ready to walk.

You see, things move pretty fast. The situation is more of a farce than anything else. Time is too short for us to say everything. Sorry, but do you feel that or it is only me who has this feeling?

I cannot depict even part of  the countless political images seen here, for the naked eye of mine is ill-equipped to see and assess what is happening today. I am really lost, and the more news I read the more lost I become.