Our Three Leaders

Fakhri al-Arashi

Yemen and its poor people have been subjected to accept the local, regional and international political players who have turned the country upside down in the interest to bringing fake safety and stability for them.

Almost 40 days have passed since the Saudi-led coalition decided to bring president Hadi’s legitimacy back. Since day one of the war on March 26, 2015, the people living in Yemen and those living abroad have come to the conclusion that none of the politicians have shown goodwill and care for the displaced people, dying people, or those who are living with hunger and have lost their sources of income.

The three political players, namely Abdulmalik al-Houthi, the rebel leader, Yemen’s former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and legitimate President AbduRabbou Mansour Hadi, as well as King Salman are clearly committing crimes in Yemen and they will be questioned for the bloodshed as they intentionally planned for war instead of peace.

In the latest statement of AbdulMalik al-Houthi from his recent TV speech, he urged people to defeat the Saudi colonizers. He never talked about peace or mentioned a withdrawal plan for his militants from the southern governorate. He was not serious about a ceasefire, but he was anticipating an initiative to come from people in the south to give up their resistance after his speech.

Saleh has appeared with more of his magic initiatives, calling for peace and dialogue on one hand and directing the Republican Guard to continue their battle on the other. Diplomacy through cheating and lies remains in his blood.

Hadi, the legitimate president, in his first speech from Saudi Arabia, voted for continuing his term in office and promised to return back to Sana’a. He still has an interest in continuing as president.

Looking at the three political players’ tones, we can see out that none of them are ready to apologize for their mistakes. None of them have said sorry for the bloodshed they caused with their political mistakes.  It seems to be that none of them are watching the daily massacres, the death of kids, and the total destruction of Aden, Taiz, al-Dhalea and many more cities. None of them really care if people are losing their jobs or can’t find food or medicine. They do not care whether kids have an education or not.

The three political leaders have all the luxuries that the people do not have, so why do people think that they will care about their suffering? I believe they work based on the common proverb, ‘either me or the flood’. The situation in general has come to the edge of absolute collapse.