Civilians Being Targeted By Saudi Aggression


Asma al-Mohattwari

No one knows what their thoughts will be in their last moments before leaving life. They sleep thinking of their coming days; they never think that a rocket could end their lives.

On Friday, May 1st, at one o’clock after midnight, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition committed a crime against civilians. Rockets destroyed ten civilians’ houses. 20 people were killed and 50 were injured in Sawan. It is an extremely poor neighborhood.

Mohammed al-Safani’s house was one of the destroyed. Nothing was found remaining, only the remains of a body and bloodstained clothes and furniture, as well as a part of a game and a torn book about first aid. The family did not have an opportunity to apply what they learned in this book. Maybe they learned it to save others’ lives, but they didn’t have a chance to even save themselves.

His four single daughters and his wife died along with his married daughter and her two sons. She left her husband’s house because she thought her father’s house was safer because it was a poor neighborhood and nothing is targeted there.

Mohammed is between life and death. Doctors are trying to save his life, but the siege imposed by the aggression deprives him of medicine after it deprived him of his family and security.

The rocket hit the house of Abdullah Ahmad Kibsi. Nothing remains of the house, only stones. Abdullah, his wife and his six daughters died. Only Abdullah’s mother was safe because she was in the hospital with her daughter. In one single moment she lost her son, grandchildren, daughter-in-law and her house. Maybe death was better for her.

Another small house contained a room and a bathroom but reflected the greatness of motherhood and its sacrifices. A mother who dedicated her life to feed her children to see them grow up in front of her to see the fruit of her struggle was killed by the rocket. Amina chose to protect her children with her body. Those children did not understand that someone could kill their mother so they kept screaming and calling for her but with no answer.

Damage and death stories surround everything. Nothing is safe from these aggressive attacks. Children, women, elderly, houses and even animals are affected.

This poor neighborhood that was deprived of services included families from different areas of Yemen living, suffering and crying together. Politics found no place among them. They were poor but happy. This neighborhood reveals how Yemen in all segments and regions is being targeted by the aggression.

Sawan is one example of many crimes against civilians around Yemen. The Saudi-led Arab Coalition aggression has entered its second month and more than 5,000 civilians have been killed. Civilians are suffering from the lack of food, petroleum products, electricity and medicine under the silence of international NGOs.