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Saudi’s Rockets Spare Nothing

National Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

Sawan is a popular neighborhood with small residential houses built of bricks. It is also a clear example of poverty and deprivation. Inside, the houses are cramped rooms and bathrooms, some including more than three families. Images and reports cannot reflect the tragedy of this comprehensive destruction. The Saudi aggression aims to end the lives of human beings and their homes in that area.

There were more than 100 rockets in one day on May 6th. The raids were considered the most violent since the start of the second phase of the aggression targeting civilians in Sada’a and Hajja.

The Saudi-led Arab coalition aggression is targeting everything in Yemen including civilians and houses, sometimes based just on Facebook rumors. On Saturday early morning, May 2, airstrikes targeted the 70 Square in Sana’a. The targeting came after a Facebook rumors said that Ansar Allah was preparing it as an airport to receive an Iranian plane after the Saudi-led Arab coalition raids damaged Sana’a and al-Hodeida airports.

Here is some of the photos reflecting a very small part of the Saudi-led Arab coalition aggression against Yemen.