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Tuesday Saudi-led Air Strikes Hit Yemen Arms Depot Ahead Of Truce

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Saudi-led coalition warplanes carried out new strikes on an arms depot in the rebel-held Yemeni capital on Tuesday, hours before a five-day ceasefire is scheduled to begin, reporter said
It was the second straight day that the coalition had hit the depot in a military base on Mount Nuqam in the eastern outskirts of Sanaa.

Twin strikes on Monday killed at least five people and wounded 20, as huge explosions sent debris crashing into a residential area at the foot of the mountain.

A five-day pause in the coalition bombing campaign was due to start at 11:00 pm (2000 GMT) to allow deliveries of desperately needed relief supplies.

This is considered the first break in the air war since it was kicked off in March 26 and in response to exiled President AbduRabbu Mansour Hadi.