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Death At Home Is Dignity And Honor

National Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

“Yemen is our home even if we perish,” said one of the airplane passengers said after he kissed the ground of Yemen.

War has besieged Yemenis from land, sea and air. There is no electricity, no gasoline and no elements of a normal life. They are vulnerable to die at any moment. Despite this, on May 13, about 200 Yemenis arrived in Yemen at the start of the ceasefire. The war had kept them nearly two months in Jordan. They arrived ignoring the difficulties of life in Yemen and caring only about being in their homes with their families.

Ahmed, 60-years-old, said that they were so happy to came back to Yemen. It was as if they were born again. “Death for the home is an honor and dignity, it is better than living in a safe country without dignity.”

Saud, a mother, said with tears that it was a great moment for her to be with her children in her own home to live together or die together.

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