The Unification Of Yemen And The Korean Unification Dream

National Yemen
By Majed AL-Dhelee
Master’s student in Korea

A Yemeni miracle was achieved on May 22, 1990 when the world witnessed the unification of Yemen. The long journey between North and South leaders of Yemen ended in 1990 when their main goals were achieved. Will Yemen unification become a model for other separated nations?

Currently, the republic of Yemen is facing a dangerous situation that effects its unification. A civil war is destroying each part in the country, and many families have lost one or more members to this war. Thousands of Yemenis have been displaced from their homes, an economic crisis surrounds the country, and several people are facing a lack of water, food, electricity, and fuel. Furthermore, external intervention has led to sectarianism among Yemenis and fueled the civil war by enabling different fighting groups.

Civil war and conflicts can be solved. Some people who lost a member family or have an injured or handicapped member because of this war might say nothing can compensate them for what they lost. People agree that human life and health is the most valuable thing; also, people believe culturally that country deserved to be defended with life and property. From the date of Yemen’s unification, several mistakes have occurred in the north and south of Yemen. Additionally, the country’s economy has not witnessed efficient growth after 24 years of unification. Can we blame unification for all these disappointing results?

Yemen unification must be a model that many separated countries can aim to follow and learn possible lessons. Yemenis during the past five decades have achieved only the key goal, which is unification, but the purpose of this unification has not been fulfilled. In these difficult days, we must uphold the key goal that we achieved in 1990, because if we lose it, we might not achieve it again in the coming decades. Not to mention the political and economic crisis the two parts of Yemen will be faced with.

Several nations in the world are aiming to unify, and some of them already achieved this goal and success such as Germany when the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) joined the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) in 1990 to form the nation of Germany. On the other hand, other nations are still are working earnestly for unity like the Republic of South Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). Both Korean parts have been struggling for unity, though many obstacles have been faced like a war from 1950 to 1953, which was one of the most destructive wars in the 20th century that brought economic with social damage to the Korean peninsula. Additionally, some writers estimated that one million Korean people were killed in this war and most of them were civilians. Also, the economies of the two Koreas were destroyed and boundaries between the North and the South of Korea were reinforced. South Korea became a democratic republic and North Korea remained a communist nation, which has been creating social differences that still bring conflict today.

Nowadays, the gap between the two nations is huge and there is a big difference in the economies as South Korea is one of the richest courtiers in the world and the North is one of the poorest. Furthermore, there is a social life difference as South Korea is a democratic republic and North Korea is a communist nation. Nevertheless, the unification of Korea is still a dream to most Korean people and the government of South Korea has been making huge efforts to achieve this dream. Many nations are struggling for achieving the unification miracle and are willing to do it despite the size of the obstacles they have been facing.

To conclude, Yemenis achieved unification in 1990 and now have to save it by defending it. Those who lost a member family or have an injured or handicapped member should be proud as they have given to Yemen unification more than others. Yemenis must relinquish their sadness so as to start the next goal of Yemen unification, which is achieving a wealthy life for all Yemenis by economic reforms.

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