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UN Envoy Urges Extension Of Yemen Humanitarian Truce

National Yemen

By NY Staff

A UN envoy called for an extension of a humanitarian ceasefire in Yemen due to expire on May 17.
The appeal followed clashes on the ground between rebels and pro-government forces that killed dozens across south Yemen on May 16 despite the truce, which has largely held.

“I call on all parties to renew their commitment to this truce for five more days at least,” UN envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Sheikh Ahmed said in the Saudi capital.

“This humanitarian truce should turn into a permanent ceasefire,” the Mauritanian diplomat added.

Aid groups have also called for a lasting truce in the impoverished country, where a Saudi-led regional coalition has been waging an air war on the Iran-backed Houthis since late March.

The United Nations has expressed deep concern about the civilian death toll from the Saudi-led bombing as well as the humanitarian impact of an air and sea blockade imposed by the coalition.