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War Steals Girl’s Dreams

National Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

Ala’a, a 17-year-old girl, is very cute and loves life and laughter. When the aggression against Yemen started, she left school. To return to school, meet her friends, teachers and finish her last year was her only dream. Every morning she told her mother, “I miss school and my friends. Mom, please let me visit my friends.” But her mother prevented her from going outside the home because nothing is safe and she was worried that something bad could happen to her daughter.

The first month of aggression passed but the airstrikes didn’t end and went into a second month. Ala’a used to gather with people, laugh, and play. It was difficult for her to be as a prisoner at home. “Death is better than living in a jail,” she told her mother with sadness. Ala’a’s cousin had a new baby and it was her only chance to leave her home to visit her aunt and cousin and congratulate them their new baby.  After a lot of attempts to convince her mother, she finally gave in.

Ala’a left her home with a smile; no one imagined that she would return covered in blood. On Monday evening, May 11th, Saudi-led coalition warplanes carried out new strikes on an arms depot on Nuqam Mountain in Sana’a, hours before a five-day ceasefire was scheduled to begin.

Unfortunately, Ala’a’s aunt house was near Nuqam Mountain. Everyone was gathering in one room eating, drinking, talking and having fun. Suddenly they heard the explosion that shook the home and broke the glasses of the home’s windows. Everyone was afraid and escaped to the living room because there were no windows in it, but a huge fire entered from the kitchen to the living room, the only room damaged in the home. Ala’a, her aunt and three children were killed and the others were injured.

In a second, war and death stole her dreams. She wanted to have fun, but as she said, “No one can live more than their life; everyone has their own day to die in and can’t escape it.”

A report issued by the National Committee to Document the Aggression’s Crimes said that al-Sadda neighborhood under Nuqam Mountain has 600 to 700 houses and every family consists of no less than nine members.

Initial reports informed that more than more than 80 people died from bombings with more than 500 wounded. Due to the blockade imposed by the aggression of land, sea and air, wounded people cannot get medicine and may die at any moment.

In the morgue at the al-Thawra Hospital, there are eight bodies. They are victims of the aggression that targeted innocent people. Tens of victims are added to the list every day including women and children under the excuse fighting the Houthis.