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Fierce Fighting In Yemen As Hopes for Peace Fade

National Yemen

By NY Staff

Houthi militants and loyalist fighters were locked in fierce fighting in three battle fronts in Yemen on Monday as hopes for a political solution faded after the United Nations postponed peace talks.

Clashes raged in the country’s third largest city Taiz, sowing panic after Houthi militants bombarded several districts with rockets and tank fire.

In South Yemen, mainly al-Dhalea battle front, the news confirmed the progress of the resistance popular fighters who claim absolute control of the governorate after Houthi and Saleh loyalist withdrew from the areas they controlled for two months. Walid al-Dhalea’I told National Yemen that the youth resistance made them very close to the victory. He said they are besieging the 33 camp after they fully controlled al-Jarba’a and al-Makhzoon camps in al-Dhalea. One military camp is in the control of Houthi militants. Al-Dhalea’i said by the next few days they will clear al-Dhalea from military fighters to announce it the first free governorate in South Yemen.

While in Aden the battle rages between Houthi militants and the youth of Aden, the people of Aden are calling for immediate help as they face large shortages of foodstuffs, water and electricity.

Citizens of Aden called for the end of fighting before Ramadan as summer will not help them obtain any progress and people may die from the power and water cuts. The heat in Aden reaches between 45-50 degrees between June to August. Some have accused the coalition of being slow and soft to the progress of Houthi militants in Aden.

“There’s a real massacre going on in Taiz, al-Dhalea and Aden from the militants’ side and there is aggressive shelling in Sa’ada, Sanhan from the Saudi coalition Saleh has aligned himself with the rebels to take revenge,” Ahmed al-Dhalea’I added.

Tens of fighters from both sides were killed on the battleground and nothing suggests that the war will end soon in Yemen.

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