Statement On Situation In Yemen By UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake

National Yemen

New York, 24 May 2015-“The toll seems to grow higher by the day. Reports that two more children have been killed and six more children injured in the escalating conflict in Yemen underscore the urgent need for action to protect children — and to bring an end to the hostilities that are devastating their lives and futures.

“Since the conflict escalated in March, as many as 135 children have been killed and 260 injured. Almost one-third of the deaths have been in the coastal city of A’den, where violence has again accelerated over the past few days
“Each one of these deaths is a personal tragedy — and a grim reminder of the toll that the conflict in Yemen is taking. It is also stark evidence of the nature of the violence, which preys on already vulnerable groups, with children all the more at risk.
“The latest victims of the conflict are from the Muhamasheen community, a group that has suffered decades of discrimination and ostracism in Yemen. Families from this settlement are now fleeing their homes.
“Children should not continue to pay the price of the violence in Yemen. All parties to the conflict are obligated under international humanitarian law to protect children from harm. At a minimum, there should be a humanitarian pause to enable lifesaving supplies to reach the injured, the sick, the vulnerable and all those affected by the violence.
“But only a complete end to hostilities can protect the children of Yemen. They are the future of Yemen.”