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Vice President Takes Part in Bahaj’s Funeral

National Yemen

By NY Staff

On Sunday, the Vice President and Prime Minister of Yemen Khaled M. Bahah took part in the funeral of the Shabwa Governor Ahmed Ali Bahaj on the Saudi-Yemeni border Sharourah.

Shaikh Fahid al-Shaif, Major General Ali Hassan Al-Ahmadi and other military commanders and social prominent personals attended the funeral.

Bahaj died in a car accident on Saturday after his field visit to fighters on the battlefronts in Shabwah. One source said that he faced an ambush by Houthi militants who are fighting in Shabwa, which ultimately ended in a car accident. Another source said that his convey were following diesel smugglers and his car accident happened due to the high speed.

Bahaj passed away along with his driver on the way to hospital near the Saudi border Sharourah. Bahaj was well known for his support for the legitimacy of President Hadi and had a good portfolio of fighting Al-Qaeda in Shabwa over the past years.

Meanwhile, Bahah confirmed that the Riyadh Conference was a remarkable success. He said the outcomes would be a good start for any political success.

The success of the Riyadh Conference is reflected by the remarkable national coalition of all Yemeni political groups, with the exception of those fighting the government.