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Houthi Appointment Of Taiz Governor Breeds Popular Discontent

National Yemen

By NY Staff

The Houthi Revolutionary Committees have issued a new decision on Thursday, appointing Mohammed Alkiraa, a marginalized citizen, as the Governor of Taiz province.

This announcement has sparked strong reactions across the province. Many Taizis swiftly condemned the appointment and think of it as an insult to all Taizi people.

“The appointment of Mohammed Alkreaa as Governor of Taiz raises ridicule and controversy among the people of the province,” said Mohammed Alareeqi.

There were mixed reactions among Taizi politicians, analysts, and activists over the appointment. Comments were divided between opposition and support.

Many citizens made provocative individual statements directed at the Houthis and posted them on their Facebook pages. Others described this announcement as a continuation of the Houthis usurping power and disrespecting the will of the people of Taiz.

Others described the recent decision of Alkiraa’s appointment as a hysterical step that reflects the Houthi’s disregard for and underestimation of the history and status of Taiz province as well as the struggles and aspirations of the people of Taiz. The Houthi armed militia announced what it said to be a constitutional declaration and many considered it to be a mere declaration of the seizure of the city of Taiz.

“The decision is a declaration to seize the province by armed militias. The Houthis want to prove that they are the only effective force in the arena and they are the sole decision makers here,” added Alareeqi.

A group of intellectuals said that this announcement confirms the continuation of the Houthi to seize the rights of the people of the province of Taiz and to impose their total hegemony, which is strongly rejected by the people of the province. 

They describe this announcement as aiming to ridicule all the people of the province as well as to confiscate their freedom and their future. They expressed that the people of the city of Taiz refuse to hand over their fate and destiny to a group that is governed by control and domination.

Many pointed out that all decisions and actions issued by this group are considered invalid and illegal and non-binding by all the citizens of the province.

“The Houthis do not have the legitimacy to announce such an appointment. It is the job of the state, so this appointment is null and void due to the lack of legitimacy of the Houthis who issued this decision,” said Arwa Alabsi, a Taizi activist. 

It is worth mentioning here that though few in number, there are people who blessed this decision and describe it as a positive step toward equality. For them, the decision embodies the meaning of equality.

One more point to mention here is that Mohammed Alkiraa is the first marginalized man to hold such a position.

“This decision bodes well for the future since it is the first time in which we see the appointment of a person without favoritism. All have equal opportunities for reaching top positions in the state. Top positions as well as leadership are no longer the realm of political elites and high society members,” stressed Ali Alshami from Taiz.