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Nine Dead In Air Raid On Area Inhabited By Yemeni Ex-leader’s Relatives

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Nine people were killed and at least 60 were wounded, this has come  ahead of planned U.N.-sponsored talks in Geneva aimed at ending Yemen’s civil war that has drawn in regional powers, including Saudi Arabia.

Residents said the warplanes had targeted vacant houses in Bait Me’yad, a district near the heart of Sana’a that is home to a number of Saleh relatives, whose loyalists are allied with Houthi forces, the dominant armed faction in the conflict.

Mohammed Yahya, an eyewitness, said two missiles struck two of Saleh relatives’ houses while the third crashed in the middle of the neighborhood, causing several casualties. Another witness said three explosions shook the neighborhood.

“We felt as if the house was going to collapse over our heads,” said the man, identified as Ali Ahmed. “We ran, with the children, and hid under the stairwell. It was terrifying.”

Medical sources said nine people who had suffered severe injuries died on arrival at hospital while 60 others were under care at three hospitals in the capital.

In the southern port of Aden, residents said a dozen people were killed or wounded by Houthi shells fired into districts in the north of the city. Residents of Aden’s Mansoura district described houses being shaken by overnight explosions.

Fighters in the Southern Resistance movement and supporters of Hadi had fended off Houthi efforts to advance from the north, Aden residents added.