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Houthi Representatives To Attend Geneva Meeting

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Houthi Representatives will definitely attend the peace conference about Yemen in Geneva, despite the long of their flight in Djibouti and the rejection of three to countries including Egypt to let the delegation fly over their sky.

The aircraft was grounded in Djibouti as a result of Egyptian government dissatisfaction with the Houthi war in Yemen. The delegation will take another route like Nairobi, Kenya. They are expected to arrive at the conference late Monday night and they will go into a separate dialogue by Tuesday morning.

The Geneva talks are expected to last two to three days and it was officially inaugurated by Monday with the presence of  U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for truce to mark the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, saying the ceasefire should last for at least two weeks to allow life-saving supplies into the country.

Warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition bombarded Yemen’s capital Sanaa overnight, a Reuters witness said, as the country’s warring factions prepared for talks due to start in Geneva on Monday.

Air strikes caused large explosions before dawn and hit locations south and west of the city as part of the coalition’s nearly 12-week campaign to target the Houthi militia and army forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The talks hosted by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon are aimed at finding a political solution to the fighting that has caused thousands of deaths in Yemen, but it was not clear if the opposing factions would meet each other.

Delegates will instead meet initially in separate rooms for talks with UN officials, who will try to bring them closer together with the ultimate aim of getting them around the same table.

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  • Nothing is going to come out this meeting. The Saudis are meddling in a war that is between Yemenis. They have destroyed the entire country, They have killed thousands and displaced over a million. The Saudis will never settle to have the Houthis participate in Yemenis affairs. Remember: The Houthis are Yemenis and the Saudis are non-Yemenis. Suppose the Saudis reach an agreement for the Houthis to have their grievances and demands met, do you think the Saudis would allow the Houthis to run Yemen? Hell no. The Saudis want someone to run Yemen who would listen to their demands and who is totally under their control.