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One-Month Ceasefire In Yemen Under Discussion, Delegate Says

National Yemen

GENEVA: A Yemeni delegate to the U.N. peace talks said on Tuesday that all sides agree there must be a ceasefire to halt nearly three months of bloodshed, but that no deal has been reached yet.

Ghaleb Al-Mutlak, from the southern separatist movement, said that the proposed ceasefire would be for a one-month halt to all fighting, including air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition.

“We’re all in agreement about the need for the ceasefire, but we’re still discussing details,” he told reporters after Iran-backed Houthi rebels held their first talks in the Swiss city with the U.N. special envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed. “It seems that there is a readiness on behalf of all parties including Saudi Arabia but the details of this agreement are under discussion.”